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Outside Services



From £75 for 2 days and nights 

Depending on postcode 

sizes vary from 10ft x10ft or 12ft x 12ft with bouncy castle themes such as 

Tic Toc , Super Hero, Paw Patrol, Lol Doll, Ryan’s World, Disco Bounce, Party time and more 


From £150 for 2 Nights depending on postcode 

This package includes 10ft x 10ft Gazebo with sides, led cube table, BT Speaker & Disco light

Extras can be added to this package.

You can add on a projector and cinema screen with TV stick for just £50 and watch all your favourite movies while in the tub

(Must have flat surface and reasonable good access) 


from £165 overnight hire 

(depending on postcode)

Cinema tent 15ft x 10ft 

Projector & Screen plus seating for 6-8

Also comes with heater and boom box for cinema sound effects & Amazon style movie stick with cushion flooring 

Please note: We have the right to cancel at any time if weather conditions change or make it unsafe for us to set up and deposit will be refunded in full or you can reschedule.  Reasons We may not provide service on arrival: Dog dirt, slanting gardens, unsuitable access blocked passage ways, steps or stairs . Please make sure We have good access with suitable parking CLOSE to the set up point Of equipment. If we turn up and encounter these problems then your deposit will be lost for not informing us 1st and we will have no option but to leave with deposit no refundable

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